Hiram Software has switched back to Jekyll.

Read on for the longer story.

Previously we used a home-grown system, gulpyll, based on gulp. At the time, gulp was the leader in building Javascript projects. The home-grown system was a fun experiment and great way to learn gulp. It was never released, but it was based on another public project, Gulp Standard Directory Layout.

Fast-forward 2 years and webpack is the established leader. We have stopped updating gulpyll at all. New projects are done in react, and we use create-react-app for new projects. Maybe this means the JS community has moved up in development maturity?

Last week we wanted to publish a new post about some recent learnings. We spun up the blog on a new machine, ran npm install, and the dependencies no longer worked together. We had build errors The software had bit rot. It would need at least a few hours to track down the conflicts, and we were not interested in diving back into that code.

Time to get another blog system. We looked at our options.

We tried Gatsby, but it coupled the runtime react-router with the compile-time paths… something that suggests the project will continue to have churn. We’d rather pick something that will be stable for a few years. What’s more likely than the original, Jekyll?

In this incarnation of the Hiram Software Blog, we will stick to buying the defaults and focus on the content.