A friend asked me “What is the best blogging platform?” To be glib, I replied in email with more-conjecture-than-opinion to have fun with all the options. Here’s what my team put together:

There is no best. Only choice. Search your inner blogger for guidance.

Or pick a mentor and follow what they do… That’s basically how most people choose – emulation!

In no particular order, the epithets:

  1. blogspot - hot in the 2000s, basically only used by mankiw and similar
  2. tumblr - lolcats, gifs, adult, and spam accounts
  3. svbtle - elitists and snobs, and now [that it’s public] everyone who aspires to be
  4. medium - everybody can post a sensational article
  5. buzzfeed - 13 sites you won’t believe people read
  6. wordpress - marketing people, spammers, and the “lazy”
  7. octopress + github pages - the cool kids in the know (i.e. SV)
  8. jekyll + s3 (or github pages) - what the cool kids used before octopress
  9. posthaven - yc elites and wannabees
  10. ghost - wordpress niche (but i think costs)
  11. msdn - microsoft employees
  12. own domain and custom html - old school and the very serious
  13. google+ - old school hackers

To get reach you should plan to promote posts on twitter or facebook.

I’ll forward a mail I got about today’s voting ring. The communities themselves don’t drive much traffic, so it really doesn’t matter. Just remember there is very little organic traffic anymore.

What would I do? octopress :)

What should you consider seriously? Medium since in theory the social parts are getting “better.”